Showroom: 83, B4 street, Sari Town, An Loi Dong ward, District 2, HCMc.

                                                                           Factory : A3-4, 1st street, Kizuna 2, Lot B4-3-7-8, Tan Kim Industrial area,

                                                                           Tan Kim, Can Giuoc, Long An, Viet Nam

                                                                           Hotline : 1900 7032

                                                                           Email: info@vinammd.com                                                  




I / Warranty policy :

1.      Warranty period

-          All MAMAEDEN DOOR brand products distributed by the company will be subject to warranty




Warranty period



Doors and Frames

24 months

From the day of





12 months

-        The warranty period will start from the date of purchase of the product from the company and the distribution systems ( detailed in the warranty card )

Products will be warranted under the following conditions :

-          Products are still in the warranty period.

-          Warranty card has full information : Product code, date of purchase, customer information, address,... .

-          Damage due to component quality or manufacturing errors.

-          Warranty card must be intact, not torn, erased.

-          The product is not in the case of warranty rejection. 

3.      The conditions are not warranted :

-          Warranty will not be applied to any damage or loss caused by factors beyond control such as natural disasters.

-          Customers cause defects such as deformation, breakage, scratching,...

-          The product is installed, operated, or used in accordance with the instructions provided by the company relating to the product.

-          The product is repaired, modified or altered by a unit, organization or individual that is not authorized by the company or installs non-company's accessories that cause product damage.

-          Products are not purchased from Vina Mamaeden Door or from the distribution systems of MMD.

-          The warranty period has expired.

II / Warranty service :

-          Service Center

Hotline : 1900 7032

The above phone number will provide the customer with information related to product warranty, free service information, extended warranty service, promotions for customers.

1.      Free warranty service :

-          To receive warranty service, please contact the company or authorized units.

-          In order to choose the appropriate time for a convenient warranty, customers should contact in advance to arrange a specific schedule. 

2.      Charged warranty service :

-          When customer's product is beyond  the warranty period or violates the conditions are not accepted warranty. Customers can use charged warranty service

-          In case of using the charged warranty service, the customer must pay service charges : including spare parts & labor costs